Rio Linda Arch shines with new LED lights

By Charlea Moore

The RLE Visions Task Force along with the Rio Linda Grange # 403 and with the support of Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan; Lori Moss, Director of the Dept. of Community
Development; and Keri Blaskowski, assigned to get the SPA completed; and under the leadership of the RLE Visions Chair – Mike Huiras, have successfully installed the new LED lights on the Rio Linda Arch.

The Arch, a gift from the City of Marysville to Rio Linda, has been a symbol of our community since it was erected by the Grange in 1926.

Rio Linda is not an incorporated city and there is no official “government” of Rio Linda to take ownership of the Arch so the Rio Linda Grange is the official custodian of the Arch since they are the ones who erected it in the first place. The Arch has been lit by icicle lights that were purchased and installed by Carl Brothers Jr. and prior to that the Rio Linda Chamber was responsible for lights on the Arch.

Charlea Moore of the Rio Linda Visions Committee does an interview for local TV about our archway lights.
Charlea Moore of the Rio Linda Visions Committee does an interview for local TV about our archway lights.

The RLE Visions Task Force received a presentation from SMUD Lighting Designer Connie Samla at their regular meeting July 13, 2015 with several options for permanent lights designed specifically for the Rio Linda Arch. There was a desire on the part of the Grange and the Visions that whatever was decided should be unique to Rio Linda and not just duplicate the Marysville lights. Also a major consideration was the lack of any available funds from either the Grange or Visions for the project. So when it was disclosed that one of the options included up to $3,500 worth of grant funds from SMUD, the choice was easy. The option chosen was also the one that would best illuminate the beautiful structure of the arches.

The grant could only be used to purchase the materials for the project but could not be used for labor, installation expenses or rental of equipment. Jim Lane of Aerial Lift generously offered his time, labor and equipment and Terry Sewell, a licensed electrician, volunteered to do the installation without charge. This was a significant donation of time, equipment and labor and the community is very fortunate to have a local business and qualified tradesman, that were willing and able to help with this project.

Dave Bisbee from SMUD has worked with all concerned to make sure that the project was completed and he will continue to work with Visions and the community until all the ‘issues’ are resolved.

Last month the North Country News featured a photo of the installation of the lights. This month the lights are installed and on although there are still a few ‘issues’ to work out in controlling the colors and the patterns, the project is finished. On behalf of the community of Rio Linda Elverta, thank you to all of those who worked together to make this project a success. The beneficiary is the community.